I’m still here. In Japan.

Basically, a lot of stuff has happened, and I’m way busier than I ever was when school was going, so I haven’t made a post yet, but posting is right up there next to sleeping, so I’ll get to it soon!

Over the last week, I have taken over 2,000 photographs. That’s how busy I’ve been. Events have been piling up (bye bye parties, something called Gasshuku which is something like a club camping trip that I’ll talk about later, etc etc), and I have been swamped in all of it.

Of course, this is nothing new, as I’m sure my excuses are wasted on the usuals, but for those of you who don’t yet know how slow I am to update sometimes… an update will come soon?

Either way, in the mean time, chew on some artsy (?) pictures I took recently.

I took a picture of this because although I'm not bald... It looks like me.

Friend of mine's bag... Saying is pretty interesting, and also pretty typical of Japanesey (British) english.. but it made for a nice picture!

Sunglasses, in focus.

This curry was delicious. Someone else ate it though.

BTW at Sophia University they serve curry everyday of the week. Japanese people love curry. Fact.

Smash Bros: N64.

This semester I joined (I say joined… but I should say actively participated in, since I joined last semester too) a club called SISEC (Sophia International Students Events Committee or something?), and I had a lot of fun with them. They made my second semester WAY better than my first, and some of it had to do with how much time I spent in the club room.

In Japan, there are two types of clubs: “club” clubs, and “circle” clubs. Circles,サークル(“saa-ku-ru”), are usually a little more laid back than clubs, and SISEC falls into that category. At Japanese universities, clubs can rent (I wonder if they paid for the rooms… I think they might have…?) rooms on campus, for members to hang out in. It’s an awesome system, and I visited my club room very often.

That’s all for now, really short update, I know, but right now I’m going through all the pictures I took, and I thought I found some I could upload so I did! I still have a ton waiting to be written on, like my adventures in Kyoto and Nara, as well as all the stuff that’s happened before school ended (little sneak peak: school was not a priority this semester), as well as all the stuff that has happened after, but for now, I venture to the world of dreams.