Random activities in April/May (Photodump?)

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So, there are 2 places let in the Travel Features, but I’m going to take a little break to dump some photos from what my life has been like the last month or so…

So, school started up again, and I’m doing that… And there have also been a slew of birthday parties, outings, and whatever else you can imagine regular people do (though calling myself “regular” in Japan might be a stretch). I have some pictures, so I’ll post them.

Yeah, that’s about all the explanation I have… I guess I’ll jump right in:

A friend of a friend came to visit Japan (right before and during the earthquake), so we went to do some sight seeing… These pictures came of that trip:

It's a temple... Still pretty much done with seeing these for the rest of my life but thought others might want to see it.

A pretty awesome angle I shot of a temple in Asakusa.


The infamous Tokyo Sky Tree... Definitely does not look like a tree.

As I've previously said, my fascination with Japanese temples is just about gone...

Saw this primo-looking Civic after leaving the temple area, which happens to be right inside a bustling city.

I am sure the owners were nervous or curious as to why I was taking pictures, but I took another anyway

Oh, and this guy was also there. He was wearing a texan-like cowboy getup. No idea why, but I absolutely had to get a picture to prove he really existed, right then and there.

Yeah, he's wearing a cowboy hat.

Fast Forward to day xx of month… xx? And me and some friends travel to a restaurant in Kichijouji (a suburb of Tokyo), to a sort of anime/otaku themed restaurant… They had pictures and figurines of a ton of anime/manga/live action series everywhere. Evangelion, Dragon ball, Kamen Rider (like power rangers), you name it. At the entrance, they also had a huge display of a ton of figurines:

This restaurant had a really huge figurine selection... Wonder how they fared during the earthquake...

Aaand upon closer inspection:


I sure hope that was the bad guys shelf.

Fast forward to some day of the same month (possibly?) and I am at Hanami (Lit: “Flower Viewing”) with some friends, and I take some shots. I unfortunately didn’t take many pictures, because I saw too many emerging on certain social websites that all looked just about the same, didn’t want to join that crowd too much.

We spent ALOT of time walking around this park. Way past my park walking comfort zone.

The most open space I've ever seen in japan.

They even had a Magic Garden... Japan spares no expense in making it's parks.

Cherry Blossom trees near a bridge... Pretty average picture.. Maybe even below average

Another view of the walking areas of the park, very colorful.

I guess a river used to be here, now it's empty, and I took a picture of that.

This picture made it into my favorites folder, and I still like it quite a bit.

No idea what these flowers are called, but they're pretty pretty.

Aaaand here is the kind of picture I did not want to take, super super average picture of a sakura tree.

A road made of flowers. Definitely not fit for walking on though.

I really could not take enough pictures of the flowers... I doubt that I have seen such a beautiful array of flowers before in my life

Once again, no idea what these are called, but they sure are pretty.

And to finish off the day, took some closeup shots of my backpack.

And if we go back in time to slightly before the earthquake, we have this:

At some point in the middle of everything that happened, I cooked myself what I thought was an outrageously delicious meal.

Back in the time machine, set the destination for last week, and we can visit the time when I went to Kichijouji for a weekend of hang-out walk-around drop-dead fun.

These handlebars are WAY TOO HIGH. Or just right, for an orangutan

Saw some mobile stores (?) that had some vehicles that looked like volkswagens, but were most likely not real volkswagens.

Got a pretty artsy picture in, at a restaurant we visited while we were in Kichijouji

Saw a Porsche, took a picture on instinct...

Went to starbucks, saw some glasses, took some pictures of those glasses.

I can’t say I’m the Starbucks “type”, but I guess I was hanging out with some.

And because I love repetition....

And that’s the end of my super random April/May adventures. Still have a ton of pictures to go through, as usual, for some of the more useful adventures (travel features), but who knows when those will be up.

For now, I’ve got to focus on work, school, and fun, and my hands are full with the last one alone.

Maybe I should start using some sort of closeout line like: “BBMIJ Out”. Nah.


Car Snaps: Delayed Sightings


Been a little while since I put up some content, but that’s because I’ve been far too lazy to edit all my shots, and work them in. I’m actually going to join the motorsports club at my university here, so I’m sure I’ll be able to get even better pictures from now on.

But, I’ve finally done the batch that I’ve been meaning to get around to, so enjoy.

This mix is pretty varied, hope you like some of them. I do happen to run into a bunch of nicely modded Subaru Legacies though…

Heres a blue legacy that's usually parked close to where I live... It's a nice legacy, and I thought the shot came out pretty good.

Though it's no Legacy Day, heres another legacy that was parked in my neighborhood-around.

Return of the VIP? No, not really, but I did see this, and it struck me, so I shot it (yeah, there are puns).

Though this Merc isn't new to the Car Snaps section (it's been sideview shot before), I saw it again (the owner must work at or own the store it is close to), and it looks even better from behind. I guess I am a butt guy.

Another Subaru! This wagon, I thought was awesomely styled. Though I am not realy into wagons, I know this one is very well done. Picture came out alright, also.

One of my favorites pictures of the batch, this R32 I actually spotted out of the corner of my eye and had to go get a shot of. The rims are sick, low offset of course, and the car just has a great stance. Nothing too crazy, but definitely turned my head.

Not a car, but this is the kind of motorcycle I want to ride, if I ever get a license. I think theres something to that american freedom type of feeling bike. Dunno how to put in words, though.

Another motorcycle in the same area, also the kind I like (though there is nothing wrong with crotch rockets, I like them too)

I was really dissapointed with myself for not being able to get a good picture of this mini, but it was actually lowered, and had some other tidbits on the outside to oogle at. Unfortunately, by the time I decided it was worth shooting (it is getting harder to tell), and got my camera out, the light had turned green already, so I could only get this out of focus, garbage shot. Sorry...

I really cannot tell if Mercedes are rare in Japan anymore, because I just see so many, but I thought this one was worth shooting. Still an expensive, luxurious car. I tend to see less of these with low offset wheels added or anything. I guess it's better not to mess with the best?

Probably my favorite shot of the bunch (because I think the perspective is good, the car is nice, etc). I despise golf/rabbits because of how easy they are to make look nice (a slight drop and some meshes or any other nice rims), so I will not say much more...

A little random, but I thought this car might have been a drift victim. I guessed this because of how I could see the subframe at the back was dropped, and it looked like someone was working on it right before it started to rain.... Usually, people who own nice looking cars like that do not really drop subfames... Though I guess that is kind of a stereotype, I think it is true. So, as far as I know, this is a drift victim.

Ran into this Chaser (right?) on my way back home... Thought it was nicely done.

And I also ran into a stretched scooter. Yes, you have read correctly, a stretched scooter. If you can’t even imagine it, that is the sort of place Japan is. I wasn’t able to snap a picture, because I was coming back from the supermarket, but my eyes just about dropped out of my head.