There was one there. About 1 months ago. (interesting note, I have actually been to the place in this picture… Would have preferred just looking at the picture)

That one is now in the USA.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the adventure has ended (for now… more on that later, and judging by my posting frequency, maybe next year), and we’re all left to deal with the consequences.

Well, not really. I’m sure some of you weren’t even phased by my overly dramatic statements of the facts. Well, here are are some more facts:

1. I am in the US, and probably the busiest I have ever been in my life so far (second probably to potty training), balancing work, school, and pretending to have a social life.

2. I am NOWHERE near done posting the content for this blog. I have over 2,000 pictures (closer to 3, but I don’t want to over state), that I have yet to look through, edit, post, etc. This blog is far from over. (Remember the Travel series? I thought I would get that done on time. Past me isn’t very smart).

3. I’ve grown a terrible addiction to powerful computers with dual monitors after using them for many years, and don’t feel like I can be productive without those two things. This is partly (you can make up the size of that part) why I have not been posting. Some of you will understand. The vast majority (you can also make up this part) will understand. The rest will still hate me for being so late with updates.

4. I’ve been back for maybe close to 3 weeks/1 month now, and I am posting this blog post from a lab at the university, when I should be doing a programming project that is due later tonight. You are my downfall (see: Matchbox Twenty)

5. This blog might take a turn (only a little, I promise) in the mechanic/automotively-inclined direction, as I am back in America… where I own vehicles (I wanted one bad in Japan, but it didn’t happen, as I was ridiculously poor in comparison to everyone else).

So, Until I have the free time to post again…


PS – I really need a cool catchphrase.