JWierd Feature: Mayonnaise Doritos

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I just ate this. I also enjoyed it.

I think I’ve finally become japanese, because no matter how I think about this with the American part of my brain, it’s wrong.

The words "Mayonnaise" and "Flavor" are right next to each other on this package.

Also, the word “gourmet” is also on this package. That is a close second in ridiculousity.

NOTE – Don’t mind the pillow… it was a gift from a friend… And since the japanese dormitories/housing companies don’t believe in comfortable sleeping, I take every pillow I can get my hands on.


Explanation of the nuclear situation in Japan.

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Is that not the cutest nuclear disaster explanation thing you’ve ever seen in your life?

BTW, for people who want to know what’s really going on, and don’t want any spin or sensationalism (well, not much of it, anyway), check out these sources. Should put some people at ease.


(A link to Japan’s primary news source, translated)


(I have found the twitter feed on the left hand side of the BBC page to be really helpful and quick, and not too spun/exaggerated. The news coverage/video on the other hand, I dunno)

I’m still safe, and making more posts than ever.

Evidently, Japan is going to be just fine.


Despite the enormous losses so many people in Japan have experienced and all the families that are in danger now just as much as 4 days ago, check out what I just saw on TV.

Yeah, that's a tea bag. And a tea cup. And a guy dressed in a monkey suit.

What is even supposed to go in this caption that will make this make sense?

Gosh watching this made me feel so much better about the flurry of natural disasters I just lived through.

Japan is just extraordinary. In every meaning of the word.

JWeird Post: Learning Robbery-related English.


Once you get past how actually traumatic a mugging would be, this video is hilarious.

JWierd Feature: My Bomb

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Though this JWierd feature might be lacking on commentary, it’s definitely not lacking on wierd.

I was looking through a local store for some groceries when I came across this product. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes, and after a couple takes, I realized that it kind of made sense, in a engrish sort of way (which means it makes no sense at all in any other reasonable way).

What I saw was this, a gas canister that was literally named “My Bomb(e)”.

I guess... It's exactly what it looks like?

And of course, I have no idea what casette gas is.

I know what a casette is. And I know what gas is. But I do not know what casette gas is.

First JWeird Feature: BS Man

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Another section of the site that I’d like to kick off is the JWeird Feature section.

This section will be largely things that I manage to get a picture of (because we all know if there are no pictures, it didn’t happen), that I can’t explain, don’t want to explain, or think should be better left unexplained.

To kick off this section, we have BS Man/boy/thing. I saw it at the Tokyo game show, and from what I could understand of the promo stuff that was playing on the screen inside it’s mouth, the theme of the game was “We don’t need BS!”/”We don’t have any BS!”.

Feel free to correct me, if someone knows more about this game/character than I do, but I thought it was hilarious.

The BS Man... Looks like a domo clone...