Car Snaps: BMW Wagons, a Clown car, and a tease.


A really really really short carsnaps post (mostly because I still haven’ been to any tracks or car areas worth mentioning….)

I ran across these while going with another BMIJ (he’s lacking one B) to help him get a work permit. The place we went to is called saitamashintoshin. Try saying that 5 times fast, assuming you can read the mess of is and ses I just typed. Well, some of them… others are from other times.

But here we go:

This wagon is something. It is relatively stock looking, but still soooo easy on the eyes. US needs more BMW Wagons.

So I named this car the Clown Car, but that's only because I have NO IDEA what car manufacturer makes this baby automobile. I feel like 2 miatas possibly had a child and this is the result.

And yes, there is a 300ZX back there, but those are out in force in the US. Don’t feel like commenting on it. I can already hear the hatemail arriving in my inbox from ZX fans.

Look at dem wheeeeeeels.

And last but not least, we have the tease. I really wanted to get closer to this car and take more pictures, but it was in a relatively secluded parking area, and I didn’t want to be creepy (I’ve recently gained a weird sense of self-awareness)…. So you and me both are being teased by this car, right now.

More pictures from the trip to saitamashintoshin on the way (but the rest aren’t car related).


Car Snaps: A little Japanese Sport


I haven’t seen many cars too out of the ordinary here yet, but it’s getting there. Here are two that I saw, one quite a while ago and the other more recently. They’re more typical sports cars I’m into, and want to see more of, but I haven’t seen much yet, still not sure when I’ll get a chance to visit a track.

By the way, me and some friends have pretty much deduced that the spot where we kept seeing Ferraris (there was a black one, in the SAME spot, by the SAME shop as the white one I have pictured here) is a yakuza hang out. So I’m probably going to stop taking pictures of yakuza cars.

“What? How do you know they’re Yakuza? You’re just making things up! Aren’t you a BBMIJ, can’t you take care of yourself? Don’t be so chicken!” — If this is something you would say, my resposne is: Just the possibility of me being right is enough to deter me completely. Also, I get the disturbing feeling that Yakuza are even more brutal than some other crime syndicates, since the japanese love to take things to the next level.

Well anyway, here non-Yakuza cars I spotted…

Oh, please note, I’m in-between Photoshops right now, so the brushing was done with paint.

A yellow lexus I spotted in Shinjuku. This picture doesn't do the car justice... It had a lot of LED/NEON lights and other color touches everywhere... Very Unique. Very hard to screw up an IS.

A white RX7 I spotted on my way to try to find a festival (which I failed in doing, but more on that later)... It went by me pretty quick, but I managed to at least get this shot.

Pretty much the back of that same lexus. It was actually pretty difficult to get this shot, because that was a very active crosswalk.

Car Snaps: Another Exotic


I don’t know what it is about the Japanese, but they seem to be very rich. Maybe, everyone saves all their money all the time so that they can buy exotic cars… Not a bad culture at all.

Well, theres only one car in this feature… And it’s a Ferrari. a beautiful, beautiful car. Though I didn’t get to see it go, it was parked in around the same place as the Mercedes that’s been featured multiple times. I’m starting to think it’s a Yakuza hang out spot. There are only two pictures, but enjoy:

It's a Ferrari.


I envy you, japanese yakuza/rich businessmen/debt-ridden car enthusiast. I envy you.

Car Snaps: Delayed Sightings


Been a little while since I put up some content, but that’s because I’ve been far too lazy to edit all my shots, and work them in. I’m actually going to join the motorsports club at my university here, so I’m sure I’ll be able to get even better pictures from now on.

But, I’ve finally done the batch that I’ve been meaning to get around to, so enjoy.

This mix is pretty varied, hope you like some of them. I do happen to run into a bunch of nicely modded Subaru Legacies though…

Heres a blue legacy that's usually parked close to where I live... It's a nice legacy, and I thought the shot came out pretty good.

Though it's no Legacy Day, heres another legacy that was parked in my neighborhood-around.

Return of the VIP? No, not really, but I did see this, and it struck me, so I shot it (yeah, there are puns).

Though this Merc isn't new to the Car Snaps section (it's been sideview shot before), I saw it again (the owner must work at or own the store it is close to), and it looks even better from behind. I guess I am a butt guy.

Another Subaru! This wagon, I thought was awesomely styled. Though I am not realy into wagons, I know this one is very well done. Picture came out alright, also.

One of my favorites pictures of the batch, this R32 I actually spotted out of the corner of my eye and had to go get a shot of. The rims are sick, low offset of course, and the car just has a great stance. Nothing too crazy, but definitely turned my head.

Not a car, but this is the kind of motorcycle I want to ride, if I ever get a license. I think theres something to that american freedom type of feeling bike. Dunno how to put in words, though.

Another motorcycle in the same area, also the kind I like (though there is nothing wrong with crotch rockets, I like them too)

I was really dissapointed with myself for not being able to get a good picture of this mini, but it was actually lowered, and had some other tidbits on the outside to oogle at. Unfortunately, by the time I decided it was worth shooting (it is getting harder to tell), and got my camera out, the light had turned green already, so I could only get this out of focus, garbage shot. Sorry...

I really cannot tell if Mercedes are rare in Japan anymore, because I just see so many, but I thought this one was worth shooting. Still an expensive, luxurious car. I tend to see less of these with low offset wheels added or anything. I guess it's better not to mess with the best?

Probably my favorite shot of the bunch (because I think the perspective is good, the car is nice, etc). I despise golf/rabbits because of how easy they are to make look nice (a slight drop and some meshes or any other nice rims), so I will not say much more...

A little random, but I thought this car might have been a drift victim. I guessed this because of how I could see the subframe at the back was dropped, and it looked like someone was working on it right before it started to rain.... Usually, people who own nice looking cars like that do not really drop subfames... Though I guess that is kind of a stereotype, I think it is true. So, as far as I know, this is a drift victim.

Ran into this Chaser (right?) on my way back home... Thought it was nicely done.

And I also ran into a stretched scooter. Yes, you have read correctly, a stretched scooter. If you can’t even imagine it, that is the sort of place Japan is. I wasn’t able to snap a picture, because I was coming back from the supermarket, but my eyes just about dropped out of my head.

Car Snaps: Wagons, VIP, and an exotic


Quite a varied Car Snaps feature we have today. Finally, not just VIP cars, but the cars that I got a picture of yesterday were pretty varied. One I definitely DIDN’T expect to see in Japan, that was a treat.

Yesterday me and some friends went to Shinjuku to get phones (and do some other stuff, post on it is forthcoming), and that’s where these beauties were sighted.

A VIP Van I spotted on the way to our destination that day, note the balleroffset wheels!

Just a Dodge Dakota, so what? Well, I guess this Dakota in particular was surprising to me because I just did not think that Japanese people had American cars... And yet, here one is. I guess I need to broaden my horizons.

Though I kind of expected to see this SRX in Japan, since Escalade is pretty much World-class luxury, This is probably the first one I saw.

And with that, this post is finally free of VIP cars. Time for some of the DIFFERENT stuff I saw.

Yeah, a Ferrari Enzo. A Ferrari Enzo. I took the picture in real life, but you are seeing it on the web. So you still can't say you've seen one in real life. Sorry.

Another shot of the Enzo, a little magnified. Yeah, it is an Enzo. Wonder who in the world was driving it? A rich businessman? A spoiled kid? An old man who sold his house and spent all his savings on an italian supercar?

Yet another shot of the Enzo. I took a lot more, but only decided to post three... Is that too many shots? I thought that to myself, then realized, it is a Ferrari Enzo.

Note – There are no more Ferrari’s/Extremely rare cars in the rest of this post. I apologize.

I doubt this Mercedes wagon is really common, so I took a quick shot of it. Some might disagree though...

A Prius Taxi... I'm not sure I've seen any Prius taxis in the US (maybe some at LAX)... If they're common enough to be taxis, why is it so hard to get one in the states?

This type of Mercedes (sort of sport luxury) is actually really common in Tokyo, for some reason. I see a bunch of them... I guess Japanese people have a thing for luxury?

I'm not sure if this even exists in the state, but this WRX Wagon is pretty sweet. I guess I've just never seen one with 4 doors, if the states do have it. Maybe I should spend more time looking through Subaru's catalogs.

K for Kappuchino (Though I can't remember if it started with a C instead), but that's the type of car this is... realy small and light. I think it's really cute, in a sporty kind of way.

A very clean BMW Wagon. Man the germans are just spot on sometimes when it comes to styling.

Oh, and yes, I took that shot at eyesight height, and those are Japanese heads at the bottom of the picture. That’s just a tiny sliver of what my experience entails.

I was walking in a smaller tunnel through the town, when I saw some Japanese pondering out loud if I would hit my head on the ceiling, and touching it with their hands to get a feel for how far away it was for them versus how close it was to me. I was wondering too, I couldn’t blame them.

Well, that’s it for yesterday’s snaps… I still need to go to some shops/tracks, blah blah blah, stay tuned until then!

EDIT – Somehow, I forgot to include this IS wagon that I saw:

A Lexus wagon in Japan? Not the rarest thing. However I still think it's sweet.

EDIT 2 – Somehow, I ALSO forgot to include this Porsche I saw… Looks like my memory is going a little early. Maybe it’s because of that double down I had this year. The surgeon general should make KFC put some sort of warning on that thing.

A random porsche, rolling through the city. I guess my stereotype of the cars you could find in Japan have been blown out of the water.

Car Snaps: VIP


It seems like VIP cars are quite popular in japan. I’ve come across many of them, and I guess I should consider it interesting to say the least that people here buy expensive cars, and seem to make sure to put deep dish VIP wheels on them… Kind of different from America (with the exception of escalades, many luxury cars usually roll on nice looking stockies).

Though obviously it’s not every luxury car.

I haven’t yet planned some trips to shops (Autobacs, RE Amemiya, ETC), but maybe once I do, I’ll have some really awesome shots to share.

For now, you’ll have to settle for the cars I come across (while I have a camera in hand).

Another mildly styled VIP car. Offset isn't crazy, wheel gap is there, but the car definitely stands out, or at least looks interesting.

Another random Honda? Yeah... I know the feeling, I felt it too. But I took this picture because this Honda actually has a bunch of subtle (good) style flares and changes that I haven't seen before. Maybe it's a 2011 model and I just haven't seen the newer accords (which I'm guessing this is)... but it was kind of mean looking. For an Accord.

Though Japanese people like to support Japanese things, I guess top of the line is top of the line, no matter where you go, as far as luxury is concerned. This Mercedes was looking stunning... Though I wasn't quite able to capture it well.

Theres a slightly modded (outside at least) Evo right around my neighborhood, look forward to some snaps on that, it looks REALLY photogenic.

Car Snaps: 09/20/2010


It’s become apparent that I’ll need to do these car snaps not as feature based, but probably day/time based. I came across 4 or so cars today that I thought were worth snapping, so it looks like I’m going to have a lot of content car-wise for the future.

A note on the cars I’ve seen so far in japan, however. The majority of them are econoboxes. By far and large they’re all Mazda 3/demio/something even smaller, and boxy econoboxes that probably seat around 5. These cars, I just happened to run across.


I thought this miata was snap worthy because I'm relatively sure it's running some sort of staggered setup.... It looks like 14 inch BBS mesh in the front along with 15 inch BBS mesh in the rear. Just a stock looking miata that is great looking.

The first S15 I have seen in Japan. Being a former S14 owner myself, this car brings special memories to mind for me... Ah, Silvias.

Though S2Ks are nothing new, I thought this one was snappable because of it's stock look, but obviously not very stock rear wing. I definitely wouldn't mind a low-key S2K like that one.

I'm a WRX Fan myself, it's definitely one of my dream cars, but I though this car in particular was snap-worthy because of how clean it was. Just a simple debadge and some nice rims, and probably the stock paint job, and this car already looks sweet.

And last but definitely not least:

This car is definitely the most interesting car I saw today. Usually, I am not a fan of 22s or big rims on a car, but if it MUST be done, I tend towards having the car lowered to flush, rather than raised to fugly.

Hope you enjoyed some of these snaps, though a lot of them are US-findable, I think the au-naturel feel of the pictures is something special.

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