As I go through some of the left over pictures from my trip to Japan, I came across a humongous batch of pictures from my trip to the sea with a club I was heavily involved with in my second semester at Sophia (called SISEC, basically a foreigners-meet-Japanese people club). The beach we went to certainly wasn’t a Sandals resort, but it was a lot of fun. We did some pretty stereotypical Japanese things on that beach (if you watch any Anime by any chance, or Japanese TV, you may know what I’m talking about).

We went to Enoshima beach (not to be confused with Hiroshima beach… which I have never been to and am not sure exists), and had a day full of fun and enjoyment safe for all ages (translation: there was no alcohol involved).

Here are some examples (shamelessly stolen from other websites/Google images):

This is a skill all Japanese children hone early.

Hello Kitty & Watermelon

Yeah, Hello Kitty's in on it too.

Slowly getting off track...

But anyway, you get the idea. There was a lot of stuff like this going on. Luckily I hid all my watermelons before going. Anyway, on to the picture roll:

This... Is a Japanese Beach.

The sand there was not white.

Not sure if this was the lifeguard's board... That or somebody has somehow lost their huge yellow longboard.

Took those shots as soon as I got there, trying to get a picture of what beaches were like, since I was relatively sure I hadn’t been there since I was less than 7 years old. The sea and I do not mix, as is possibly (but not necessarily true) of all black people everywhere, except that guy that swam with Phelps at the Olympics.

Aaaand since most of the pictures of what happened that day are inappropriate for posting on the Interwebs (just joking, they’re actually completely appropriate — 😦 ), I’m going to exclude ’em. BUT We did go explore Enoshima after the trip to the beach, and had some SUSHI (imagine that, sushi, near the ocean, in Japan…), and I got some great pictures. /nodisappoint


Framing is terrible, but that is a pretty statue of a dragon... attacking a building?

So, the sun was setting, and it was pretty.

This guy is a boss of something. He has to be. He is making this picture.

This guy is not as boss as the last guy, but there's another cool statue in the background to help him out.

This is a bridge... To an island. Pretty islandy-looking island.

Some more sunset pictures!

The other side of the bridge... City life

Thats... A toothpick holder... So beautiful.

Real Japanese Sushi everybody!! Sorry for the slight blur

Better picture of just a quarter of what we ate at that sushi restaurant. So delicious. And possibly healthy?


And of course, to round the night out, we set off fireworks. All in all an awesome ending to an awesome day. If you look closely, I’m actually in the last picture, off to the right.

Just kidding. I’m not. Or am I? BBMIJ super power #31, night-time invisibility.