Hey everyone,

As you have no doubt all heard, there was a pretty huge earthquake in Japan very recently. I’m writing to let everyone know I’m fine, and the earthquake was definitely a very scary new experience for me (as earthquakes occur much less frequently in Texas…).

If the earthquake that hit wasn’t enough, it created a tsunami that devastated much of coastal Japan, commercial ships, businesses, airports, etc. There are some pictures where a commercial sea vessel is just sitting in the middle of a wrecked neighborhood. Ridiculous pictures that show just how bad it is.

Centralish Tokyo (where I am) wasn’t affected as much, and we are for the most part safe thanks to various heavenly forces and some earthquake resistant architecture.

Dunno how many pictures will arise from this incident, but I’ll be sure to share some pictures with you guys.

Oh and by the way, just in case the tsunami wasn’t enough, there is some worry about radiation leakage (well, less worry, more radiation leakage and worry that it will go full meltdown). I’ll try and make more frequent updates (and of course I’ve notified embassies and family members and friends, so people are pretty aware of where I am), but my track record with updates isn’t the best.

With that said, pray for Japan, as it’ll definitely need all the prayers it can get going forward from today, for all the people who have lost way more than I have/can imagine.