I’ll try and do this in the future, but this sentence is here to warn you that the following post contains rougly 80-90% Text and 20%-10% images. For those who are squeamish with paragraphs and long explanations and all around badly written/conveyed thoughts, please scroll as quickly as possible to the bottom, where there are pictures, which although being worth more words, are somewhat better than reading.

So, I’ve been on break from school for about 1 month solid now, and have finally returned to doing things that seem to possibly bear a passing semblance to productivity.

As such, I’m updating the Blog.

So, in February, after New Years (in which I DIDN’T do any shrine visits on the days after… too tired/uninterested/poor?), school started back up again like it always does, and we were all of a sudden in the closing days towards finals. I’ve tried to block out this part of my semester from my brain, not because it contained a particular amount of studying (I’ve always considered finals a blissful time, mostly because of the large amount of free time schools often give students under the guise of “studying for finals”). I try and block it out because it was peppered with the sentiments of people who were leaving Japan soon.

Many of the friends I have made in Japan were 1 semester students, and seeing them leave was pretty sad. There wasn’t a big touching departure scene where all parties cried and rain fell, but there were possibly a lot of man-tears choked back on both sides.

And then, the sweet release of spring break. Though I’m unsure if it’s just my university, they start school here in Japan in April, and there is a break from around the end of beginning of february until then. As soon as break started, though I had to keep up with some part-time jobs I do, I was pretty free to do anything I wanted… So I have. Until now. Sorry.

Either way, something huge also happened in February – I moved into an apartment with a friend of mine, with the intention of fully bringing the house party to Japan. Though I might not have stated this before, Japanese people don’t really party inside their homes very often. Small gatherings? maybe. Spirited board-game nights and tea ceremonies? Probably. But full on parties don’t happen very often. Also, the vast majority of them have never heard of certain party games that are a must for college students to at least know of. We set out to right this wrong, and liberate the Japanese people.

We managed to find a relatively cheap and spacious apartment (yeah, I know it doesn’t seem possible, but it’s close to true), and spent most of February moving in and getting settled. Due to moving, I was seriously busy and couldn’t really do much in terms of other things, but it was definitely an eventful month.

And on to march, the current month. I spent the first 5 days of month on a trip to Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto, 3 parts of Japan that people often say to make sure to visit before I leave. With this, I am definitely done with all traveling that I plan to do in Japan. I’m not one for sight seeing (I like Google Maps though), but I wanted to go on at least one trip, to avoid incurring the wrath of certain influential people/relatives.

While I’d love to post all the pictures right on here, there are 841 of them. No joke, I took 841 pictures over the course of 4/5 days. That’s somewhere around 200+ images a day. I have been literally avoiding post-editing/cropping/doing ANYTHING with the pictures for the last 2 days, and I’d love to keep up the streak. So for now, I’ll share all the built up pictures that I’ve had stored for blog posts.

It will be random. It will be pointless. There won’t be enough. Enjoy.

(On a serious note, most of the pictures have a theme, so they’ll be coming in later posts…)

So I finally got around to making some more impulse buys that aren't edible, and here are some of the things I snagged. Some are awesome, some are less awesome but still awesome, and one is just headphones.

Let me some words about stores in Japan. They’re weird. They’re awesome and weird.

I bought all the stuff pictured above from a store called Village Vanguard, it’s a “variety” store in Japan (other famous ones include one called Don Quixote, if you can wrap your mind around that). They have a lot of stuff, much of it weird, much of it cool, but very undeniably japan.

For example:

Yeah, the english is just about right.

Shouldn’t have to say any more.

Well, other things:

I bought a tiny Gundam that I saw at the convenience store for like 400 Yen ($4.80ish USD), had to buy it. I am no Gundam maniac (yet?), but I thought this was a nice little doodad. Yeah, I said doodad.

And finally, outside… Though I’m no longer sure how representative this is of February in Japan:

It's the outside world through my old room!

There’s a lot more to come so stay tuned!