Me and a friend of mine who also happens to be a BMIJ stormed a government office the other day for some work permits. In all honesty, we didn’t storm the office per say, and there was only one person who needed a permit, but I think it’s pretty clear what I mean.

Either way, I took my camera along, and got a chance to take some pictures of stuff along the way! Aaaaaaand here they are.

I saw some leaves floating in some water down a hill like thing, and I took a picture of it. Sue me.

This activity park/shopping area was suprisingly right next to the station. Though we did not go in, I got pictures of the entrance...

Because you haven't seen enough leaves floating in water down some hill like thing.

Evidently, this stadium has had interesting stuff happen in it... Like performers and stuff. No, you're not reading wrong, I barely care.

Proof aliens exist and might possibly be in Japan.

Because you can never get enough pictures of buildings and the sky. See - Architecture.

Right in the station, there was this light rail thing that looked pretty cool... The first time I went I didn't get a picture of it, but I learned.

Some more pictures of the area we were at. Oh how pretty the fall leaves are.

I think this picture came out AWESOME. The vast expanse of the sky and the stark defiance of the buildings in the midground is just beautiful.

Sooooo artsy. But if you thought that was artsy, take a look at the next 3 pictures that are almost exactly the same and spot the differences:

I call this thing MEGA Tower. Possibly more proof that aliens are in Japan.

And, because leaves are always exciting...

Stay tuned for the next scintillating issue of Big Black Photographer In Japan!