A really really really short carsnaps post (mostly because I still haven’ been to any tracks or car areas worth mentioning….)

I ran across these while going with another BMIJ (he’s lacking one B) to help him get a work permit. The place we went to is called saitamashintoshin. Try saying that 5 times fast, assuming you can read the mess of is and ses I just typed. Well, some of them… others are from other times.

But here we go:

This wagon is something. It is relatively stock looking, but still soooo easy on the eyes. US needs more BMW Wagons.

So I named this car the Clown Car, but that's only because I have NO IDEA what car manufacturer makes this baby automobile. I feel like 2 miatas possibly had a child and this is the result.

And yes, there is a 300ZX back there, but those are out in force in the US. Don’t feel like commenting on it. I can already hear the hatemail arriving in my inbox from ZX fans.

Look at dem wheeeeeeels.

And last but not least, we have the tease. I really wanted to get closer to this car and take more pictures, but it was in a relatively secluded parking area, and I didn’t want to be creepy (I’ve recently gained a weird sense of self-awareness)…. So you and me both are being teased by this car, right now.

More pictures from the trip to saitamashintoshin on the way (but the rest aren’t car related).