So, I’ve failed pretty hard, and totally forgot about making blog posts.

I hope I haven’t angered too many people, but theres no real way to know that. This post is going to be VERY long, and contain a WHOLE lot of pictures, so i hope I can make up for some of the time I’ve lost.

OK, in this last month, I started work, went to two school festivals, met a ton of people, did some japanese stuff, found out that I’ve been overpaying like an idiot for my meals here, stocked up on ramen, ran out of money, experienced malnutrition (pretty sure my fingers are peeling themselves, it’s either that, or I’m an onion), did presentations, found a tutoring job, made curry (not for the first time), Got my PS3 (my awesome brother visited to bring it to me, amongst other things), and so much more I can’t even remember.

With that terrible description, it’s picture time.

Evidently walmart owns this company over here called SEIYU. We went there to buy groceries of course. Walmart: You can't escape.

More proof that Walmart is alive and well in Japan. In case it is not clear what that is, it is cream cheese.

I CANNOT tell at all if this is suposed to tell you NOT to point your cigarettes at others or not. Thank you, Japan.

If you strain your eyes enough, you will see that this apple juice can doesn't give you a choice in buying it and consuming it or not.

All the pictures above were taken from my cellphone at random times… So sorry for the quality.

Below, are the pictures from the random festivals I’ve been to. I went to both my schools festival (for which 3 days of school were cancelled, which was AWESOME), and also to Waseda University’s festival (which is a WHOLE LOT bigger than our school/festival). Both were great, but it was basically stalls selling food, and some performances… Not my cup of tea.

To kick off my coverge off the school festivals, here is something I saw. I took a picture with this guy, but that is not making it on the internet

This picture was taken at Waseda's festival... That Octopus is very well made.

Some friends of mine were running an african coffee cafe to benefit children in Africa, and since I am an actual African child (Though I saw no benefit of my own), I decided to help... Here a friend is comparing the size of butterflies and elephants in Africa.

Evidently, some famous tv show or people came to Waseda during their festival... I did not and still do not know who they were, but it was fun?

Shot 2 of the random festivities.

A Variety show that was put on at the Waseda school festival... I guess the japanese kids were imitating what they saw on TV... Relatively boring looking, but things got real interesting just a little later.

There were a ton of dancing performances at the Sophia university festival.

As I am still out of money, I looked through a change bin I've had since freshman year, and ended up with this many coins.

Some martial arts club stand at the Waseda University Festival... Very cute.

Random people at Waseda were excited to have me take pictures of them. Go figure, I guess people like cameras.

I saw this car on the way to the festival, and I thought it was pretty unique... I have never seen it before, and have no idea what it is.

Also on our way to the waseda festival, we saw this basketball match thing... It was somehow very japanese... Something about it was definitely not american basketball, but it was entertaining none the less.

Also on our way to waseda festival (again), stopped and took a quick shot of all the people entering. I thought it came out pretty well.

As is always promised in Japan, things got weird, after a little while.

n RSX I saw on the way over...Not really crazily decked out, but was still very nice.

Random picture of the festival!

A friend of mine making a peace sign... Now that I think of this, it would be the same as flipping the bird in the UK, but we meant it as a peace sign. I thought the picture came out well.

Picture is terrible, but it's still easy to see that this stand is not normal. I have no explanation. was too lazy to try and read their stand name (I was tired at that point), Just took a picture and thought that would be fine.

Cosplayers at the Sophia Festival... One of them is from one piece, and the rest I have no idea.

Bad picture, but interestinghouse I saw @ the Waseda University festival... Dutch architecture?

One of the smaller parts of the Waseda University Festival, people were crowded around this semi circle with stands and stuff.

A random stand at the Sophia University Festival. Not as amusing as the random stands at the Waseda festival, but still a good picture of what the festival was like.

Some people were doing taiko at the Waseda Festival, I took some pictures, then I left.

Thought this was a real gun store for half a second, almost had a a seizure out of sheer incomprehension. It's a model gun store. Still pretty awesome though.

Of course, the picture taken out of context (I have no idea which context), that makes Japan seem like an insane place.

A shot of the waseda statue and campus kind of...

Another shot of the African Coffee place... I handed out a lot of fliers for these people, but they didn't help me in the least, and I was starving right in front of them.

So, did I have fun? Did BBMIJ #12 in Japan enjoy his visits at the festivals? I had no money. It was fun to hang out with friends, but if I had any advice, I’d say treat school festivals in Japan like a trip to Disney World. Bring way too much money, and expect to spend more than you want to on food.

And to leave this randomly hectic month and a half, I leave you with this picture, an insight into how dorm life is going in Japan.

A friend of mine is into electronica, like me, but DJs and does a ton of ravey stuff, so he raved out his dorm room. Awesome. I also take no responsibility for what happened in that room that night.