Alliteration? Yeah, I know a little about it.

So, this post is somewhat delayed, and approaching a mashup, but heres what I’ve seen over the last week or few days. I’ve been all over the place, recently, mostly dealing with school and getting set up to work, also preparing for some relatives that are coming to visit Japan while I’m here. Very busy, blah blah blah, stuff to do, blah blah, no time, blah blah.

But anyway, I’ll just put up the pictures and a few thoughts.

I know there is a name for this, but unfortunately, I do not know and cannot remember, and so I will make up a new one. This guy is doing what I'll call Newage Mime.

This was a REALLY random thing to run into in Shinjuku/Japan. He was doing this outside Shinjuku station and there were a lot of people gathered around him, of course wondering if he was real. Pretty awesome. Not sure if he was part of some comedy troupe or something, or if there were more…

A festival that took place near where I live... Unfortunately, I completely missed this festival, but I at least caught practice!

Another shot from the festival... I think in the real thing, they were going to have the kids carry a shrine. I had so many questions. What kind of shrine? How big? How many children would carry it? What if one of them needed to pee? Would there be snack breaks? Is child labor like that legal?

MORE Festival Prep. Doubt these pictures are in chronological order though.

So, the story with this festival is that it occurred today, and I totally missed it. Me and a friend went out trying to find it, and didn’t really succeed, but did run into other things. The pictures from here on out were taken during that time.

This statue is actually one of a Japanese phenomenon called a Kappa. I think they're like water spirits or something... But this picture is not very well taken, so you should probably google kappa instead... Would be quicker.

Kind of an artsy photo? These lanterns were hanging on one of the streets we walked through, I thought I'd snap a picture.

I thought this store was interesting. A friend of mine said that they're starting to dissapear with more girls being interested in modern clothing, but I think this store is a really good example of some traditional Japanese culture.

A play that was going on after the festival.

And that’s what we ended up finding. It was sort of a Japanese play, unfortunately I didn’t pay enough attention in Japanese culture class to tell you what kind of play it is (I’m just sure it’s not a No play). We caught maybe the last 5 minutes of it, and it was pretty interesting. — Note, this is the “Musical” as referred to in the title.

More play snaps

Another play picture. Evidently, I'm still not good at night time shooting.

After a while, we walked a little closer to the stage and got some closer shots... This is one of those shots.

Right across from where the play took place, there is actually a shrine. We went there also... Though I am sure I will reshoot the shrine during the day sometime, and get some beter pictures.

A picture of the main building at the Shrine!

I am not sure if this is a good picture or not... I am leaning way towards not. That is pretty much all I have to say about this picture.

A statue we saw at the shrine... Once again, awkward shooting conditions for me, I guess.

After all that excitement, I just snapped pictures of random things….

I thought this bike was worth taking a picture of. That is pretty much all I have to say. No idea why I thought it was cool, just did.

I thought this postbox was kind of famous or distinctively japanese, so I shot a picture of it. I think the picture turned out quite well, actually.

Well, that’s about it for now… I’ll leave you with this thought, however: It looks like the more time I spend in Japan, the less I know about Japanese culture.

Deep? not really.