I haven’t seen many cars too out of the ordinary here yet, but it’s getting there. Here are two that I saw, one quite a while ago and the other more recently. They’re more typical sports cars I’m into, and want to see more of, but I haven’t seen much yet, still not sure when I’ll get a chance to visit a track.

By the way, me and some friends have pretty much deduced that the spot where we kept seeing Ferraris (there was a black one, in the SAME spot, by the SAME shop as the white one I have pictured here) is a yakuza hang out. So I’m probably going to stop taking pictures of yakuza cars.

“What? How do you know they’re Yakuza? You’re just making things up! Aren’t you a BBMIJ, can’t you take care of yourself? Don’t be so chicken!” — If this is something you would say, my resposne is: Just the possibility of me being right is enough to deter me completely. Also, I get the disturbing feeling that Yakuza are even more brutal than some other crime syndicates, since the japanese love to take things to the next level.

Well anyway, here non-Yakuza cars I spotted…

Oh, please note, I’m in-between Photoshops right now, so the brushing was done with paint.

A yellow lexus I spotted in Shinjuku. This picture doesn't do the car justice... It had a lot of LED/NEON lights and other color touches everywhere... Very Unique. Very hard to screw up an IS.

A white RX7 I spotted on my way to try to find a festival (which I failed in doing, but more on that later)... It went by me pretty quick, but I managed to at least get this shot.

Pretty much the back of that same lexus. It was actually pretty difficult to get this shot, because that was a very active crosswalk.