Here in japan, I’ve found something I doubt I could have forseen I’d find.

The game’s called Baby Bridges… though It has some other names, and I’m not sure where that particular name came from, heres how it goes… I’ve been playing it with some people at the dorm I live in, and it’s just so much fun.

So, how you play the game is, people have to be pinky swared in as a pair/group (so that you know who’s involved), and from then on, until two people (at least) pinky sware out, you cannot say any words that start with B. Can’t, as in, if you do, everyone else that’s playing the game is allowed to punch you until you say “Baby Bridges”. If I were to summarize the strategies involved in this game, it’d be:

1) Don’t say words that start with B
2) Always listen for words that start with B
3) Say “Baby Bridges” often

I have no idea why this game is so fun, maybe you have to be young and stupid to understand… Oh, and here’s a link to an explanation of the game:

And in actual BBMIJ related news:

Here’s a shot of campus, where I’m NOT at today, because in Japan, Wednesdays happen to be a day off. Most classes are actually 1 hour and 30 minutes long, so two class periods construct 3 hours a week for a given class. Because of that, most classes are either Monday/Thursday classes, or Tuesday/Friday. Though there is one exception: Japanese Language class.

A bunch of my friends have to take Japanese everyday. I was blessed with Japanese 3, which DOESN’T have class on Wednesday, so presto-chango, I am FREE on Wednesday. I think America should take this approach soon, because it is absolutely amazing to go to school for two days maximum at a time.

I sure hope I haven’t posted this picture before…

A shot of the main street of the sophia campus. Most buildings are connected to the street. A pretty small campus, compared to UT, but then again, UT is the biggest school in the US, is it not?

I keep meaning to take my camera with me to more places and take more pictures…. But I’m kind of lazy. And seeing as I don’t have any money right now, it’s a little hard to plan outings. But that should change by next week. Anyway, a lazy post, on a lazy Wednesday.