OK, so I haven’t made a lot of posts over the last week, since I’ve been so busy with school beginning, and friends throwing parties, and going around but not bringing my camera, so heres a Mashup post, including basically most of the things that have happened recently. Heeeeere we go.

OK, so I ALMOST had an awesome JWeird Post. The title was going to be “Cat Cafes”. As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Japan has numerous cafes, some of which are maid cafes, in which people dressed as maids serve you, and smile at you, and talk to you, etc, etc. A little less known (though a Japanese friend of mine has told me that this is NOT a normal Japanese place people go to), is the CAT CAFE. Yes, it’s exactly as it sounds. You go in, PET CATS, and eat/drink ridiculously overpriced food.

I think it’s Cat Prostitution. Really. Do a comparison between regular old prostitution and this “cat cafe” business, and I’m sure that you’ll see the similarities are glaring, too. But anyway, how did I ALMOST get a good post? I didn’t go in.

Yeah, I can hear your boos, but heres my defense: at the time, I have 1000 yen to my name, and the entrance fee was 900 yen. Could YOU justify spending 90% of your remaining assets to WALK IN o a place where you pet cats and eat? Nevermind the fact that I wouldn’t be able to eat anything once entering. I didn’t think so.

Anyway, here are the pictures I snapped of the place:

Heres the street sign for the cat cafe. You almost wouldn't know what it was. It's the store called *Calico*

This was the sign in front of the door. Yeah, I am aware it is becoming more and more dissapointing to look at the pictures of the place I did NOT go into.

Almost like those flyers cards you get with obscene pictures and services on them, heres a sign that was up, showcasing all the kinds fo cats you could get your hands on.

OK, well, the next few shots are kind of related, but kind of not, and I guess I could make a joke about it, but I won’t. They’re all cranes. One, I saw walking to school, the other I saw in an arcade.

Unfortunately, this was all I was able to get with the DSLR. I guess I need a better lens... Or maybe next time I'll just make up the distance by foot.

Another crane.... Man there are a LOT of toys in this crane game.

ANOTHER crane game (there were at least 10 of them) I thought 2 pictures was enough to get the feel.

Now, some random shots I took… They’re spread out over a couple days, and some are attempts at art… Bear with me as I finally get this stuff off my todo list.

Guiness hat... Bought it at Kohls, and I can only wear the hat a couple weeks after cutting my hair.

I cannot believe I was going to do a feature on this. It is only a gum packet.

This guy and this dog ran past me at a pretty brisk pace. Unbelieveably, he wasn't laughed at or mocked, people just wanted to pet his dog. Maybe I should get a dog that's the complete opposite of me (maybe a small poodle?), and run with it.

I saw this Mercedes on the same street as the guy and the dog.... A very nicely done Mercedes with a little camber. I like.

I now know why asians play violin and piano. This looks like an ONLY violin/viola shop. ONLY violins and violas. I had the urge to go in there and ask if they sell saxophones.

A city shot... of the City. It was overcast this day, as is obvious.

I saw this beetle after a night out with my friends. As a testament to my sobriety, I realized this beetle was rare, and got a pretty good picture of it, despite all the people that were around. Go me!

And now, for a truly weird and disturbing look into the NOT DANGEROUS side of Shinjuku. I feel like I need to repeat, I hadn’t even WANDERED into the bad part of town yet (assuming there is one), and I saw these signs.

Sketchy club I ran into in Japan.

Another picture of the sketchy club I ran into in Japan.

So, what’s the big deal? Why are these pictures so important? It looks like your usual parlor of promiscuity. OK, so this didn’t shock me (which I guess is a win for the Japaneses society, and a loss for me), but the name of the place is. I tried my hardest to translate it a different way, but it translates to “Hu ai to bi- chi”. In regular speak: White Bitch. Yes. The name of that store, is White Bitch. Unbelievable. That’s all I have to say about it, I just felt it was important to post. I wonder if the person who thought up the name of this business was even aware of what it meant.

And with that picture, that’s the end of my mashup post. Sorry for being lazy, but at least now I have a clean slate, and can take some more pictures, without making a million posts to categorize them all.