Like you’ve probably guessed, I met someone named Don Quixote, found/stole a Japanese cell phone, and did all of this in Shinjuku.

That guess would be wrong. Here’s what really happened: I spent yesterday going to Shinjuku to finally have a Japanese phone, and start my actual assimilation in to Japanese culture (trust me, this is IMPOSSIBLE without a cellphone). Though it’s not my firs time in Shinjuku, some friends and I definitely did more exploring than I did last time. I also had no trouble finding things to shoot, since I lugged the DSLR with me, this time.

Though there’s a lot more to say about the Japanese cellphone, and all the things it can do, I’ll settle for posting pictures for now… I’m going to make another post for some of the other cool things I’ve found, maybe I’ll be able to get them all in one post…

For now, here are some pictures from my second adventure in this part of Tokyo that’s now a regular train stop for me on my way to school (which means I can get there for free, at least for the next month).

Though this was not taken outside the station, it is another random shot of the city.

I thought this building was weird, and I'm not quite sure if it's more a design or architectural marvel, but it was definitely an interesting building in Shinjuku.

A phone I could have gotten, if I was going for a contracted phone here in Japan. I only got a prepaid, so no dice, but I'm sure if I got that phone, I might be riding in a Gundam right now, on my way to a battle that decides the fate of the world.

Another better city shot, of Shinjuku. Maybe someone somewhere will use this as a wallpaper or something.

I call it the Love Monument, though I do not know what the real name of this thing is, I saw one in Shinjuku, thought it was cool.

Another angle of the Shinjuku Love Monument. Artsy? Maybe.

Another shot of the Shinjuku Love Monument. Tried to be even more artsy with this oe, since I saw what looked like a spade in the picture... Can you see it?

An Ad for a cell phone company here in Japan called Docomo. Yeah, that's darth vader... And possibly Ken Watanabe (unfortunately, I am not sure)

An Arcade entrance i passed by on the way to Don Quixote. I liked the sign. I call it an arcade, but I am sure, as with everything else in Japan, it is much more than just an arcade.

The Street crossing in front of Don Quixote.

From here on, this post comes DANGEROUSLY close to a JWeird post… Don Quixote was your average Japanese megastore, I guess, which meant for me, it was almost like nothing I’d ever seen before.

This pillow set the stage for the rest of the store. After going up just one floor, I saw this thing, and did not understand. What didn't I understand? What DID I understand, is the better question. That feeling only grew, as we went up more and more floors.

Who would not want an automated clock face waking them up in the morning? I know I would.

I don't know if this is a japanese phenomenon, but it looks like the premise of this design is putting those funny mouths on regular characters... Very strange, but interesting, and some of them are pretty funny. I hoped the resolution would allow you to see some of them.

I know some people that absolutely love Disney. I wonder if they love disney this much. I guess the good news is that the price is not $9,000USD. You can buy this oversized Stitch plush doll for just over $100USD (9999Yen). WHAT A STEAL!

I can not tell if there is even any sexual innuendo in this picture. Japan is such confusing place. Evidently it has taken a toll on me.

A shot of a metroid game that I do not think the US has... I'm sure the internet will correct me if I'm wrong.

There was not much space in the store. I pertty much took up the entire lane you see in this picture. Moving was difficult.

Definitely an adventure… This store was crazy, and navigating through it, with all the other Japanese-regular-sized people was more trouble than you will ever know.