Quite a varied Car Snaps feature we have today. Finally, not just VIP cars, but the cars that I got a picture of yesterday were pretty varied. One I definitely DIDN’T expect to see in Japan, that was a treat.

Yesterday me and some friends went to Shinjuku to get phones (and do some other stuff, post on it is forthcoming), and that’s where these beauties were sighted.

A VIP Van I spotted on the way to our destination that day, note the balleroffset wheels!

Just a Dodge Dakota, so what? Well, I guess this Dakota in particular was surprising to me because I just did not think that Japanese people had American cars... And yet, here one is. I guess I need to broaden my horizons.

Though I kind of expected to see this SRX in Japan, since Escalade is pretty much World-class luxury, This is probably the first one I saw.

And with that, this post is finally free of VIP cars. Time for some of the DIFFERENT stuff I saw.

Yeah, a Ferrari Enzo. A Ferrari Enzo. I took the picture in real life, but you are seeing it on the web. So you still can't say you've seen one in real life. Sorry.

Another shot of the Enzo, a little magnified. Yeah, it is an Enzo. Wonder who in the world was driving it? A rich businessman? A spoiled kid? An old man who sold his house and spent all his savings on an italian supercar?

Yet another shot of the Enzo. I took a lot more, but only decided to post three... Is that too many shots? I thought that to myself, then realized, it is a Ferrari Enzo.

Note – There are no more Ferrari’s/Extremely rare cars in the rest of this post. I apologize.

I doubt this Mercedes wagon is really common, so I took a quick shot of it. Some might disagree though...

A Prius Taxi... I'm not sure I've seen any Prius taxis in the US (maybe some at LAX)... If they're common enough to be taxis, why is it so hard to get one in the states?

This type of Mercedes (sort of sport luxury) is actually really common in Tokyo, for some reason. I see a bunch of them... I guess Japanese people have a thing for luxury?

I'm not sure if this even exists in the state, but this WRX Wagon is pretty sweet. I guess I've just never seen one with 4 doors, if the states do have it. Maybe I should spend more time looking through Subaru's catalogs.

K for Kappuchino (Though I can't remember if it started with a C instead), but that's the type of car this is... realy small and light. I think it's really cute, in a sporty kind of way.

A very clean BMW Wagon. Man the germans are just spot on sometimes when it comes to styling.

Oh, and yes, I took that shot at eyesight height, and those are Japanese heads at the bottom of the picture. That’s just a tiny sliver of what my experience entails.

I was walking in a smaller tunnel through the town, when I saw some Japanese pondering out loud if I would hit my head on the ceiling, and touching it with their hands to get a feel for how far away it was for them versus how close it was to me. I was wondering too, I couldn’t blame them.

Well, that’s it for yesterday’s snaps… I still need to go to some shops/tracks, blah blah blah, stay tuned until then!

EDIT – Somehow, I forgot to include this IS wagon that I saw:

A Lexus wagon in Japan? Not the rarest thing. However I still think it's sweet.

EDIT 2 – Somehow, I ALSO forgot to include this Porsche I saw… Looks like my memory is going a little early. Maybe it’s because of that double down I had this year. The surgeon general should make KFC put some sort of warning on that thing.

A random porsche, rolling through the city. I guess my stereotype of the cars you could find in Japan have been blown out of the water.