It seems like VIP cars are quite popular in japan. I’ve come across many of them, and I guess I should consider it interesting to say the least that people here buy expensive cars, and seem to make sure to put deep dish VIP wheels on them… Kind of different from America (with the exception of escalades, many luxury cars usually roll on nice looking stockies).

Though obviously it’s not every luxury car.

I haven’t yet planned some trips to shops (Autobacs, RE Amemiya, ETC), but maybe once I do, I’ll have some really awesome shots to share.

For now, you’ll have to settle for the cars I come across (while I have a camera in hand).

Another mildly styled VIP car. Offset isn't crazy, wheel gap is there, but the car definitely stands out, or at least looks interesting.

Another random Honda? Yeah... I know the feeling, I felt it too. But I took this picture because this Honda actually has a bunch of subtle (good) style flares and changes that I haven't seen before. Maybe it's a 2011 model and I just haven't seen the newer accords (which I'm guessing this is)... but it was kind of mean looking. For an Accord.

Though Japanese people like to support Japanese things, I guess top of the line is top of the line, no matter where you go, as far as luxury is concerned. This Mercedes was looking stunning... Though I wasn't quite able to capture it well.

Theres a slightly modded (outside at least) Evo right around my neighborhood, look forward to some snaps on that, it looks REALLY photogenic.