You knew it was coming! Heres the picture frenzy from TGS 2010. As I’m sure I said before, there was just everything everywhere. Screens, people, booths, games, lights, more people. It was an awesome adventure, I got to see a bunch of games which haven’t been released, saw some SWEET HD promos and trailers (especially the one for Deus Ex — I don’t know the story of the game too well, but it’s awesome), and they even had a little eating section, where I had some soba noodles.

All in all, an awesome adventure, now time for the pictures:

TGS 2010 Banner, again

There were a lot of people there. A LOT of people.

Some of the booths that were scattered around TGS, a lot of them had their own ambience like these two. Pretty cool stuff

The Assassin's creed booth at TGS

This guy was what I would call a *paid cosplayer*. He was part of the booth for the game pictured at TGS

A van designed after/for a Gal Game at TGS... Definitely not your parent's van.

One of my favorite series, the Tales Of xxxx series, had a booth up at TGS, celebrating their 15th anniversary. With an appropriately themed booth, they had some of their new games on display

This is a picture from an exclusive Sony presentation at TGS, in which they had some idols and other tv personalities play using the PS Move. It looked like a lot of fun, and though I wasn't playing, it was still fun to watch.

A picture from the end of the presentation, don't ask me why some people are wearing those green hats. I think those were the people who did best throughout the day in their little competition... But I'm not quite sure

I found out why I kept seeing this character everwhere, turns out this is the standard vocaloid wear. These cosplayers got it spot on, I'd say... Or at least pretty close

One of the booths inside TGS was a shrine (of course?). I wonder how long it took them to set up everything for all these booths and mini-buildings they had inside. It's really amazing to see in person.

Some of the many booth girls that were all over the landscape. I really wonder sometimes how much fun it was for them... I can't imagine it's fun to stand and smile and walk around and dance (yeah, some of them danced from time to time at different booths)...

Looks like Michael Jackson's legacy isn't over for a long shot yet. This booth at TGS was playing some thriller, and my head was bopping, I can't lie.

A Chocobo, hanging up at TGS 2010. Kinda makes me hungry.

I'm not sure what they have to do with the video games that Gamania was pedaling, but they sure did a lot of strutting their stuff on stage, and as you can see by the crowd, it was effective.

I'm not sure if she was making sure the game was set up correctly, or checking in on her own character. Could go either way at TGS.

In this area, they were essentially having a conference for the a virtual dating sim... Looks like they were comparing the real life actors to the ingame characters... pretty creepy stuff.

Some Final Fantasy cosplay that was going on at TGS. I think most of the cosplayers, especially these, did a great job.

Things to note in this picture: the large crowd of booth girls, the booth girls playing XBOX kinect on a raised dangerous looking platform.

Perhaps one of the most awesome things I've ever seen in my lifetime, this flying thing was a extremely simple concept: attach what looked like PC fans with oversized blades to a really light body, and make it fly, then control it with your android phone. These things were awesome

The booth for a game called Core Blaze. As usual, all the concept art was really awesome, but I'm not sure this game will be playable in the US at all... Seems like Gamania is a Japan-only MMO maker, for now.

A cloud cosplayer who got it disturbingly right (well, it's disturbing how right she got it -- yes, that's a she).

Yeah, so I've seen this poster numerous times, but it's still awesome, is it not? All I can think of when I see this picture is BAMF.

Heres where I first met BS man. I still don't know what game this or what in the world the goal is, of someone playing it.

A closeup of those booth girls that were playing Kinect. They're still at it.

Well, the coverage is a little late, but there was a lot of excitement to go around.