Less eventful than yesterday, but definitely not unwanted, today was a much more laid back day for me. I finally got some chances to catch some breath and shuteye, and only needed to go out once to look for food and some other items that I needed.

While I was out, I took some shots of life around here, it’s SO different from the USA. I saw a lot of kids just wandering around, some in groups, some just running around the streets, doing whatever they felt like doing, hanging out. It made me wonder why we don’t have the same sort of atmosphere in the US. Then again, I know there are a lot of reasons we don’t have the same sort of atmosphere in the US.

Well, on to the pictures (oh, and theres one closeup in here of a stapler… it’s a Swingline. That’s my only excuse)

Pretty easy going day for this guy. This picture pretty much represents the feeling I got from the neighborhood while I was out. Maybe it was because everyone was at work/ it was a national holiday, but everything was very laid back.

The afore-mentioned stapler picture. Artsy? Maybe.

Parks like these litter the suburban (I guess if that's what you could call where I live... It's not quite a big city feel, but there are plenty of buildings and asphalt). Very interesting community design element...

A shot of a street I was walking down... Just as random as it seems