It’s become apparent that I’ll need to do these car snaps not as feature based, but probably day/time based. I came across 4 or so cars today that I thought were worth snapping, so it looks like I’m going to have a lot of content car-wise for the future.

A note on the cars I’ve seen so far in japan, however. The majority of them are econoboxes. By far and large they’re all Mazda 3/demio/something even smaller, and boxy econoboxes that probably seat around 5. These cars, I just happened to run across.


I thought this miata was snap worthy because I'm relatively sure it's running some sort of staggered setup.... It looks like 14 inch BBS mesh in the front along with 15 inch BBS mesh in the rear. Just a stock looking miata that is great looking.

The first S15 I have seen in Japan. Being a former S14 owner myself, this car brings special memories to mind for me... Ah, Silvias.

Though S2Ks are nothing new, I thought this one was snappable because of it's stock look, but obviously not very stock rear wing. I definitely wouldn't mind a low-key S2K like that one.

I'm a WRX Fan myself, it's definitely one of my dream cars, but I though this car in particular was snap-worthy because of how clean it was. Just a simple debadge and some nice rims, and probably the stock paint job, and this car already looks sweet.

And last but definitely not least:

This car is definitely the most interesting car I saw today. Usually, I am not a fan of 22s or big rims on a car, but if it MUST be done, I tend towards having the car lowered to flush, rather than raised to fugly.

Hope you enjoyed some of these snaps, though a lot of them are US-findable, I think the au-naturel feel of the pictures is something special.