And I was worried about having content for the blog. Yesterday, officially my second day in japan, me and some new friends went to Tokyo Game Show 2010. I didn’t even know it was happening, but luckily for me, some others did, so I followed along. It was a little far away and difficult to get to, but it gave me a lot of insight into how the trains in Tokyo work. They’re very organized, and run on tight schedules, I can see why they are considered some of the best in the world.

I realized on the way there, however, that my camera was dead. At first I thought I forgot the memory card (which I didn’t), but then I realized that the battery was dying/dead. I couldn’t charge the camera (my charging stuff was mixed in with my bigger baggage, which I didn’t have access to at the moment), so it was a big fail on my part. I essentially carried a fancy black rock with detachable lens throughout the day. Luckily others also brought cameras, so I’m borrowing/using some of the images I took with their cameras, or they took.

There are a lot of pictures, and as for this post, I’m only going to upload some (because I only have some of them at the moment), but unless I forget, there will be a part 2 to this post, which will contain the rest of the pictures.

Some scenery on the way there, I think I took this picture from the train... Still working on my photography, though this is just a regular neighborhood.

At a random train stop (well, random to me), someone pointed out that Disney Land was over there. DISNEY LAND. LESS THAN 10 STOPS AWAY FROM WHERE I LIVE. Well, I thought it was amazing anyway.

A wall at TGS, with some interesting graphics on it.

The banner over the entrance to TGS2010

There was a Megaman Universe booth... I didn't really go inside, so I'm not sure what exactly this game is going to be like, but it was cool looking!

From one of my favorite series of all time, heres a lifesize figure that was propped up at the show.

A little note about the following pictures. There were A LOT of cosplayers at TGS 2010. Some of them stood out, and some didn’t, these are just some of the pictures I managed to scrounge up of some of the cosplays I recognized and loved. Yeah, theres a lot I’m not covering, but I wasn’t able to take pictures of all of them (since my camera wasn’t functional), so I just have some. The ones I put here are top notch though, pretty awesome stuff.

A fantastic cosplay of Yuffie. Japanese cosplayers are definitely a cut above.

Another awesome cosplayer, dressed this time as solid snake. I finished MGS4 the day I flew out of the US (packing was a little less important than seeing the ending), and this guy did an awesome job on Old Snake.

Look for the continuation of this post, hopefully sometime in the near future, I should have some more pictures and possibly description of TGS…

As for a cursory description of TGS: there were screens, games, costumed people, people, small people, big people, foreigners, xbox stuff, ps3 stuff, bigger screens, more people, smaller screens, cellphone stuff, technology, booths, EVERYWHERE. It was crazy. So much stimulation. Being my first game show, I was really surprised at how well set up everything was.