I thought I’d start a section/category for all the stuff that I come across that’s cool/interesting/new/possibly unknown/important.

I’ll call it the JStuff Feature category, from now on.

The inaugural feature is going to be a drink I found in japan, called Pocari sweat.

Pocari Sweat. The greatest tasting sweat on earth.

Essentially, the drink is like Gatorade, without the flavoring. And it is GOOD. It’s almost addictive. I mean it, as I was drinking it, I found it hard to stop. They might as well have put some hard drugs in it, because it had an uncanny never-have-enough sort of taste (kind of like apple juice, which there never seems to be enough of).

I dunno what in the world a Pocari is, but it’s sweat is delicious. I wish I could catch one of these magical creatures and just make it sweat all day. Maybe I’ll run into one someday.

Hope you enjoyed the first JStuff feature, maybe when the internet becomes taste sensitive, I’ll upload a sample, but for now, you’ll have to just go by my word I guess.