Yet another section/category of BBMIJ I’d like to kick off is the Car Snap section. If I happen to get a picture of an awesome car I see, I’ll post it up here. That includes cambered out VIP cars or janky Ricers and everything in between.

Not sure if I’ve stated it formally or anything, but I love cars and love working on them. I’ve owned a bunch, and I can safely say I’ve never regretted a purchase, no matter what others might say (not a lot are supportive of this hobby of mine).

Well, it’s not much, but heres a quick snap of the FD I saw today.

For those who might not be into car stuff, this is a Mazda RX7 FD3S, produced from 1992-2002 (though I’m not sure about it being produced all the way up to 2002… that’s what wiki says)

A nicely done FD I saw around my neighborhood

Note – Now and forever onward, all the license plates of cars I post will be scraped (hopefully nicely, as Japanese plates are a LOT easier to photochop than US plates). Though it might seem a bit contradictory, I want to leave the owners anonymity intact. It’s what I would want done for my car, so I will do it for all others.