As it turns out, Japan isn’t that close to the US. My flight wasn’t the most direct one, but it took me to a bunch of places on the way to Japan. The first flight I took, which was 11 hours long, was one of possibly the worst experiences I’ve ever had on an airplane. BUT, it had nothing to do with the plane, or the service, or the people (I flew on Asiana, great airline, they served steak, amongst other things. STEAK).

It had to do with fitting in the seats. I am far too tall for economy. I don’t know what the means for the future (maybe I’ll try stowing away with the cargo, because theres no way I’m going to pay for business class), but there was no comfortable position for me to sit in my chair without my knees being held in place between my seat and the seat in front of me. To make things worse, the person in front of me decided that it was a good idea to try and force their seat down, despite the fact that my knees were making it impossible. Eventually, they figured out that there was just a huge person behind them, so they gave up. And while most were able to rest their heads back on their seats, close their eyes, and get some well-needed rest, I found yet another disadvantage to being over 6′. When I put my head back, I get to rest it on a whole lot of NOTHING. Air. Cushion-less matter. For those of you who are have no idea what I’m talking about, think about sitting on one of those chic, trendy couches that have no head rests, so your neck and head make a 90 degree angle. It was a wonder I made it through the flight. I think I’m the most tolerant person on earth. And It’s probably true. Probably.

Well, anyway, I’ll be in japan after some more planes and some more flying, here are some pictures I snapped on my way, complete with comments.

Los Angeles Airport

Snapped a picture of a rather deserted section of LAX

We miss you, Kel

My last taste of America

Pictures of south korean culture... Looks pretty south-koreanish

South Korean culture

I've never even thought of putting posters of food on my walls. These people are innovators.

Asian food

I sure hope this sign is true. The placebo effect doesn't apply to clean water.

Airport Water Fountain

I felt like I had to take this shot. I have no idea why, something like a rite of passage as a traveler, taking a useless picture of a sign in a foreign country


The shopping area in the airport... A LOT of designer brands on sale... I guess that's what people want to buy when they get off a plane?

Shopping area in south korean airport

Can't wait till I have one of these

The vehicle that brought me to Japland

Bring it on, Japan. A couple more hours and I’ll emerge from the sea and destroy your buildings.

**NOTE – If you don’t know who “Kel” is, you are too young. I’m going to make a ton of references, probably, and maybe you should take some time to educate yourself on what they mean. I’ll leave a hint for this first one: Google “Keenan and Kel”.